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Posted on 10 April 18 at 17:24
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Don't Knock Twice - Review

Don't Knock Twice: The game is apparently based off of the horror movie of the same name. Now there are two ways to play this, therefore I am going to review both the VR method and traditional game play method. Neither are great, however they both have their positives. If I had to give this game a genre I would call it Puzzle-Horror. It is a very short game, lasting about an hour and a half without a guide, and roughly a half hour with one. Calling it a game as well is giving it a lot of credit. It is more of a VR experience than a game.

PlayStation VR Version:

First off, you can use whatever controller you desire to play this game. It allows both the move and regular controller. The VR is not a great medium to play this game. I will say that I came across a couple of jump scares that spooked me, and playing in the dark didn't help. That being said, I know without a doubt that traditional game play would not have spooked me at all. The "monster" really jumps out at you, and if your playing with headphones on, it can get to you. This is great because it is supposed to instill fear into the player. However the controls are laughable at best. There is a teleport feature similar to many VR games and a walking mode. If you do play, I highly suggest changing the control to walking mode. Throughout the game there are many collectables, but with the blurriness of the VR, they are difficult to read. For a first time play, I would still suggest a first run on the VR. This is because the horror element is actually pretty decent compared to many other horror VR games.

PSVR Version: 2/5 Stars

Traditional Game play:

For my remaining trophy run, I played without the use of the VR, so that I could use a guide. First thing, the controls were so much better than when played with the VR headset. Also, the collectables were much easier to read in plain HD. This gives a little more depth to the story, but not much as this is a very quick game. The lighting around the house you explore is also better than the VR, making it easier to not get lost. Honestly, this is the mode to play to achieve the rest of the trophies, so that a guide can be used to get in and out of the house quickly.

Traditional Game play: 1.5/5 Stars

Honestly, it isn't the worst horror VR game I have played, but that doesn't make it great. There are a few things that could have been done to make it better and more frightening, and I feel like they missed out on quite a few opportunities.

Trophies: The trophies were pretty fun to get. There are a few story, collectable, and miscellaneous trophies, but nothing in the area of multiplayer or difficulty. Nothing too hard as shown in the True Trophy score for the game. Without looking at a guide or the trophy list I still managed to get quite a few of them without trying in my first run.

Game Worth: $4.99 USD. It is currently listed at $19.99 and it is just not worth that cost. Definitely wait for a sale to pick this up.
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