Divekick Addition Edition +

PlayStation 4

Divekick Addition Edition + Trophies

Most Earned

I Have My Reasons
I Have My Reasons15TrophyTypeBeat story mode with one character.
Not a Factor
Not a Factor32TrophyTypeWin a ranked match without activating Kickfactor.
No Skills Needed
No Skills Needed34TrophyTypeWin a ranked match without using any special moves.
Perfection35TrophyTypeBeat story mode using the YOLO gem.

Least Earned

Real Divekicker
Real Divekicker114TrophyTypePlay 500 ranked matches.
Grinder Supreme
Grinder Supreme114TrophyTypePlay 2000 ranked matches.
Body Builder
Body Builder114TrophyTypePlay 1000 matches in VS mode.
Plot Matters
Plot Matters140TrophyTypeBeat story mode with all characters.
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