Disney Sing It: Family Hits (EU)

PlayStation 3

Disney Sing It: Family Hits (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Bronze Bonus
Bronze Bonus16TrophyTypeGet a Bronze bonus in "The Bare Necessities".
Natural Flair
Natural Flair16TrophyTypeAchieve at least level 5 Flair in "You've Got A Friend In Me".
All Flaired Up
All Flaired Up16TrophyTypeReach maximum flair in 5 songs.
King Of The Pride
King Of The Pride16TrophyTypeSing all "The Lion King" songs.

Least Earned

Sing It All
Sing It All246TrophyTypeWin every other award in the game.
Singing Skill
Singing Skill41TrophyTypeSing 150 songs with at least 3 stars.
Battle Star
Battle Star20TrophyTypeGet at least a 4 star rating in 3 Sing It Showdown games on the hardest difficulty.
Sing It Superstar
Sing It Superstar20TrophyTypeGet a 4 Star rating or higher for all "The Lion King" songs on hardest difficulty.
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