Disgaea D2 (EU) Trophies

Full list of all 74 Disgaea D2 (EU) trophies - 66 bronze, 5 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

The base game contains 56 trophies, and there are 6 DLC packs containing 18 trophies.

  • Universal Recognition

    Requirement: Complete all other trophies. You collected all the trophies! Congratulations! Please continue down your path to greatness!

  • Ultimate Destroyer

    Requirement: Defeat Pringer X in LoC Mode. You are the King of Chaos!

  • Item Hoarder

    Requirement: Collect all items (excluding grades). Now aim for completing all the grades, too!

  • Pringer X-Terminator

    Requirement: Defeat Pringer X. This can't be the last Pringer... There has to be more...

  • Ordeal or No Deal

    Requirement: Clear all Cave of Ordeals maps. Your journey has only just begun... Your endless journey...

  • God Slayer, Item

    Requirement: Defeat an Item God. What do you need all these item upgrades for anyway?

  • Special Voyeur

    Requirement: Watch every Special Skill animation. This is for those who don’t skip.

  • The Damage of 100,000,000 Exploding Suns

    Requirement: Dish out 100,000,000 damage. You answered the call for more power!!! *grunt* *grunt* *grunt*

  • The New Disgaea Anime

    Requirement: Watch the opening movie. Please enjoy Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness!

  • Statue Connoisseur

    Requirement: Clear Episode 1.


Disgaea D2 Additional Trophy 1

011471 (62%)

Disgaea D2 Additional Trophy 2

08654 (63%)

Disgaea D2 Additional Trophy 3

010264 (63%)

Disgaea D2 Additional Trophy 4

09457 (61%)
  • Phantom of the Island

    Requirement: Make DLC character Ash join your party. You'll go no further! For her sake, I will not fail!

  • The Chroma Connection

    Requirement: Make DLC character Marona join your party. Valiant Phantoms, aid me in battle! Chartreuse Gale!

  • Which Swamp Witch is Which

    Requirement: Make DLC character Metallia join your party. I will cover the world with swamps!


Disgaea D2 Additional Trophy 5

08457 (68%)

Disgaea D2 Additional Trophy 6

09756 (58%)
  • Hero Worship

    Requirement: Make DLC character Nisa join your party. Don't call me flat!

  • Master of Death and Taxes

    Requirement: Make DLC character Gig join your party. I am the all-powerful Gig!

  • Plume: Battle Princess

    Requirement: Make DLC character Plume join your party. The Battle Princess has arrived!