Digger HD

PlayStation 3

Digger HD Trophies

Most Earned

"Turn that Music Off!"
"Turn that Music Off!"15TrophyTypeKill a dancing monster in any mode except Vintage
Apprentice Digger
Apprentice Digger18TrophyTypeComplete all levels in "Mongolia" episode
Tactician21TrophyTypeKill 3 monsters with a single bag in any mode except Vintage
Master Digger
Master Digger22TrophyTypeComplete all levels in "Arctic" episode

Least Earned

Old Schooler
Old Schooler218TrophyTypeComplete 8 levels in a row in Vintage mode
Endurant136TrophyTypeComplete 9 levels in a row in Survival mode
Workfellow60TrophyTypeComplete 20 levels in a row in Co-op Arcade mode
"We need a Sacrifice"
"We need a Sacrifice"58TrophyTypeKill Digger and 4 monsters with a single fire bomb napalm in Arcade mode or in Co-op Arcade mode
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