2. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition (PS3) General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Some quick tips to keep your completion hour under the average:

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  1. Utilize Adventure Mode! Once you complete Story Mode on any difficulty, you will unlock Adventure Mode, where you can do "bounties" and gain experience faster than you would by just simply re-running Story Mode. When playing Adventure Mode and have completed your bounties, start a new game since the amount of experience gained from completing a bounty is based on your level. For example, if you are level 1, all bounties while you are in game will equal that to level 1, even if you are level 10 by the end of your last bounty. However, if you restart the game once you level up, then the next time you play, the bounty experience will be equal to that of your current level.
  2. Collect Blood Shards! Once in Adventure Mode, completing bounties will earn you blood shards, which you can use to gamble for better gear, including legendary and legendary set items from Kadala, a vendor you will find in every town in Adventure Mode only. Additionally, there are always 2 Acts which offer a bonus (look on your world map to see which Acts have them)! This bonus doubles the amount of blood shards you will receive so when you are playing to get better gear, you definitely should only be playing in the Acts that offer a bonus, because it will allow you more opportunities to get said gear!
  3. Adjust difficulty based on your goals, not your skills! Lets say you are trying to get to level 70 and are mowing down enemies with ease on Master difficulty. If that is the case, then you should be on Torment I, maybe even Torment II! As long as you are not playing in Hardcore, you should have no objection to taking a little more time to destroy enemies for better gold, magic find, experience, gems, and legendary drops. However, the opposite applies if you are farming blood shards. If you need to beef up your gear, you should be playing on normal, maybe expert, and just be doing quick runs to gain a plethora of blood shards!
  4. Don't be shy with potions! They are there to heal you! If you are looking to keep your completion time down, you should focus more on depending on potions rather than skills with your character. You can buy unlimited potions so don't be shy!
  5. Avoid crafting just to craft. Crafting can be addicting but you have to understand and take into account what you are purchasing. If you are level 11 and are crafting a level 12 weapon when there a superior crafting items available at level 15, you are better off pushing through until you get to that level 15 weapon. This is much more important when dealing with higher level crafting like legendary and legendary set items. Be mindful of what you need to do, especially in Hardcore Mode. Don't waste time by crafting just for new gear, especially at a low level when you will typically find items dropping that you will consistently be switching out.
  6. Have a minimum standard when you upgrade your gear! I typically go by the "rule of 4." If an item offers +4 overall (when there are 4 green arrows in any of the item categories: attack, defense, special) compared to what I have, then I'll switch it out, no matter the stats. If you are more of an offensive player than defensive one and an item will basically switch stats (+3 to attack, -3 to defense), then go ahead and do that. But keep in mind that your characters will be leveling up pretty fast at a consistent pace under this walkthrough, so that extra small percent of damage or defense that you so desperately would like may not be practical. That kind of mentality should typically be reserved for once you reach Paragon levels (levels after maxing out at level 70) but even then, there is no need to continue playing past level 70 if you are looking to complete this game.
  7. Do not rush Hardcore Mode, YOU GET 1 LIFE, so rushing Hardcore Mode is not wise unless you are a very skilled player. Even then, you may need to hit the power button or unplug the system in certain situations to avoid death. Be mindful of the autosave and how far you have come before going blazing guns into a group of elites surrounded by a massive entourage. This is RoS, not 300.
  8. Restart! Crafting and Gambling can produce many fruitless items. If that is the case, simply exit directly out to the PS home screen rather than quitting. Start RoS back up and craft/gamble again until you get what you want. This method will save you so much time and keep you well below the completion time average. I typically will restart my game after I have gambled 60 blood shards for most gear. It is important to know that if you do not have access to a legendary level 70 weapon and shield, you will be spending a lot to gamble for them (rings and an amulet as well). So I would suggest saving them for last.
  9. Utilize your stash to keep good gear! There is a stash in every town where you can transfer items between your characters. Your main goal is to get 6 level 70 characters. Though there are 2 classes of every type (strength, dexterity, intelligence), there are items that are just invaluable to this cause. For instance, there is an awesome magic property for legendary gear that reduces level requirement up to 30 levels (from what I've seen)! That kind of property is like cheating, especially with weapons because when your character should be doing 2k-5k damage, they will instead be doing 45k-50k damage. Enemies are matched to your level so you can imagine the advantage you will have over them. Also, keep in mind that there will always be a +str/dex/int property on an item with level reduction. This trait should be the only trait you enchant with the Mystic (available in Act V and Adventure Mode) so you can pass the item to any class member.
  10. Play in Elective Mode. From the main screen, go to options>gameplay and select Elective Mode. This will allow you to assign any skill regardless of branch to any button. This is an absolute must! Without it, you might as well play with the tv turned off.
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