5. Detroit: Become Human The Partial PlaythroughUpdate notes


There are a couple of awkward scenarios that can’t be wedged into either of the previous playthroughs, so from here we are going to use Chapter Select to finish off the list, including any magazine covers we haven’t already collected.

First off, spend all of your points in the EXTRAS menu (you'll have more than 20,000) to get the following:

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Next, we want to read Simon's mind to find Jericho. Go to THE STRATFORD TOWER on Chapter Select, and select the ON THE TOP FLOOR checkpoint. Do not shoot the fleeing technician. Make your speech, Simon will get shot. Opt to save him and take him to the roof. Spare his life and let the chapter play out. DO NOT RETURN TO CHAPTER SELECT; just carry on into PUBLIC ENEMY. After you have been introduced to the snarky FBI agent examine the blood on the back wall where Simon was shot. Head up to the roof. Examine where Simon was sat and then follow the path of blue blood over to a metal shed at the back of the roof. Open it. When prompted, you need to rush at Simon so the police don't kill him. Hit all of the QTEs as both the police and Simon continue firing to dodge all the bullets and Connor will connect with Simon. You'll get the trophy when you return to the flowchart.

Let's catch Rupert next. Go to THE NEST in Chapter Select and choose the FIND RUPERT checkpoint.

Once you reach the suspect's apartment in the chapter, wait a a few moments for Hank to settle in to the main room and you should be able to see investigation prompts in the bathroom. Analyze what's in the sink and the android temple chip on the side of the sink. Analyze the writing on the wall and then the stool. Reconstruct the scene. Head back out into the main room and analyze the fallen bird cage. Reconstruct again to reveal the android's hiding place. Investigate the chair to start the chase.

Choose risky paths in all cases and just make sure to pass the QTEs to make sure that you keep up with the android. Eventually you will run through a corn field and then you'll have a choice. Choose to keep chasing the deviant rather than save Hank. Let the final scene play out and you'll get the trophy when you get to the flowchart.

Now we want to kill the leader of the deviants. Go to the BATTLE FOR DETROIT chapter, then go to the last available checkpoint on the MARKUS DEMONSTRATION flowchart (which should be Defend the Barricade). Pass the QTEs again and choose to KISS NORTH or SING when prompted. Watch the scenes. When Connor arrives in the Zen Garden, put the controller down and let the invisible timer run out, Connor will eventually shoot Markus. The game ends shortly after, watch the credits and you'll get the trophy when you reach the flowchart.

All done! Enjoy your Platinum.

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