Detroit: Become Human Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

There aren't many hints and tips for this game, every button press is shown on the screen. In CASUAL difficulty (which I recommend) you will only need to press face buttons during QTEs, but in EXPERIENCED difficulty there are QTEs involving the sticks and even motion controls. It's really not worth bothering, especially if you want to avoid unnecessary deaths (and we do).

The only collectible in this game that we need to worry about is the magazines. Each time you pick up a magazine there are actually two covers on it, but you don't need to see both covers for them to unlock on the EXTRAS tab on the main menu.

I have had varying reports as to whether the game will save your magazine pickup as soon as you see it (meaning you can quit out) or if you have to finish off the chapter. I'd suggest finishing the chapter to be safe, or at least get to a checkpoint and check your Extras menu.

If you mess something up that is going to have a long-term impact, you CAN use Chapter Select to go back and make the changes you need to make, but you HAVE to play through again from the Chapter where you messed things up. So (hypothetically) if you get to Chapter 10 and realise that something is locked out because of a decision in Chapter 4, you CAN go back to Chapter 4 and change your decisions, but you HAVE to play Chapters 5 through 9 again. If you try and skip back to Chapter 10 after changing Chapter 4, the game won't recognise the change.

That's about it! Let's get started.

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