Demon's Souls

PlayStation 3

Demon's Souls Trophies

Most Earned

Phalanx's Trophy
Phalanx's Trophy15TrophyTypeSlayer of Demon “Phalanx”
Tower Knight's Trophy
Tower Knight's Trophy17TrophyTypeSlayer of Demon “Tower Knight”
Armor Spider's Trophy
Armor Spider's Trophy17TrophyTypeSlayer of Demon “Armor Spider”
Adjudicator's Trophy
Adjudicator's Trophy19TrophyTypeSlayer of Demon “Adjudicator”

Least Earned

Toughest Soul Trophy
Toughest Soul Trophy389TrophyTypeAll Trophies Obtained
Master Slasher's Trophy
Master Slasher's Trophy31TrophyTypeObtained Best Weapon by Bladestone
Soldier's Trophy
Soldier's Trophy186TrophyTypeAll Unique Weapons Obtained
Rogue's Trophy
Rogue's Trophy185TrophyTypeAll Rings Obtained
All Demon's Souls Trophies

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