Demolition Inc.

PlayStation 3

Demolition Inc. Trophies

Most Earned

Bulldozer15TrophyTypeYou bulldozed 10 buildings
Car Collector I
Car Collector I15TrophyTypeWrecked 20 cars.
Cosmic Bulldozer
Cosmic Bulldozer16TrophyTypeYou destroyed 30 buildings.
Barbeque16TrophyTypeYou grilled 10 cows.

Least Earned

Earth Crusher
Earth Crusher45TrophyTypeYou levelized each city with all stars.
City Dominator
City Dominator41TrophyTypeYou levelized each city.
Drift King
Drift King30TrophyTypeYou drifted with a car 60s.
Slider29TrophyTypeYou drifted with a car 30s.
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