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Having survived the fall from the roof, Bjorn is now tied up in the Hideout Basement and Bernard has come to interrogate him.

Select "The truth". Bernard shoots Bjorn for being a snitch (Game over #40). Select "Make up a story". Bernard shoots Bjorn for being an idiot (Game over #41). Select "Feign amnesia". Bernard shoots Bjorn for lying (Game over #42).

Select "Insult him". Bjorn passed the test so Bernard leaves him alone.

Cookie #94 is crushed under Bjorn's left foot. Cookie #95 is caught in the rope that ties Bjorn to the chair, slightly to the left of the knot. Cookie #96 isn't reachable while Bjorn is tied to the chair so we'll come back for it.

There's an area of uncertainty by Bjorn's crotch, marked ???. Click on it. The medallion will drop on the floor. Soon after, you'll hear a laugh coming from the window.

Chapter 5

Click on the window. Click on the blue bow that you can just see at the bottom of the window.

Chapter 5

Bjorn will beg for help from Caroline but their conversation is interrupted and Bernard reappears.

Select "Denounce Caroline". Bernard will shoot both Caroline and Bjorn (Game over #43).

For completing the last game over, you'll get the following trophy:

Select "No one's here!" Bernard will be satisfied with your answer and leave. Bjorn has a pressing need that becomes an emergency and he pees himself. Now that it's in reach, click on the medallion to pick it up. Click on the window and talk to Caroline again. She'll throw a knife through the window and Bjorn will send her to look for something else to help.

Use the medallion on the knife. When Bernard isn't looking through the door (so there's no light coming through the view slot), use the knife on the rope. Bjorn will now be free.

Cookie #96 is caught in the brickwork underneath the window. Count four bricks from the bottom and the cookie is in between the second and third bricks from the left

Chapter 5

Click on the window and talk to Caroline again. She's found some bombs but has an idea to get Bjorn out of the cellar.

Select "Play sick". Bernard will shoot Bjorn after he tries to escape (Game over #44). Select "Make her scream". Bernard will shoot both Caroline and Bjorn (Game over #45). Select "Call for help". While Bjorn waits, Bernard's boss gives him permission to shoot Bjorn (Game over #46). Select "Give me a bomb". Caroline will throw it to Bjorn and blow everything to smithereens (Game over #47).

Select "Start the truck". Bjorn instructs Caroline to tie a rope to the bars of the cell window, tie the other end to the truck and start the truck. She disappears but soon you hear another laugh from the window. Click on the window and talk to Caroline again. She can't find the truck key so Bjorn needs to get it from Bernard.

When Bernard isn't looking through the door, click on the light bulb that's hanging from the ceiling and the light will turn off. Click on the door to call Bernard. Select "Light bulb". Bernard will come to check the light.

Use the knife on Bernard as he's standing under the light. He'll shoot Bjorn to protect himself (Game over #48).

Click on the door to call Bernard and select "Light bulb" again. Click on the keys that are sticking out of Bernard's back pocket and you'll enter into a mini-game.

Chapter 5

This one is fairly simple. Use the left stick to move Bjorn's arm and cn_S to grab the keys.

Move Bjorn's arm past the keys and touch Bernard's butt instead. He won't be impressed, he has a gun and he's worked out that Bjorn has freed himself. You can probably guess what happens next (Game over #49). Click on the door to call Bernard and select "Light bulb" again. Click on the keys. Grab hold of the keys. Move Bjorn's arm towards the right but before you reach the side, press cn_S again to drop the keys on the floor. Bernard will shoot Bjorn for attempting to steal the key (Game over #50).

Click on the door to call Bernard and select "Light bulb" again. Click on the keys. Grab the keys and move Bjorn's arm over to the right and off-screen before the timer runs out.

When Bernard leaves, Bjorn will give the keys to Caroline. She'll start the truck, pull out the window and Bjorn can escape. They drive back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, the trio reunites and decide to pay Roger a visit. He's impressed that Bjorn has four of the tablets and wants him to go to Germany for the fifth. Bjorn gets on a plane for the German graveyard where the tablet is buried.

Graveyard Entrance

Cookie #97 is embedded in the brickwork above the Beer & Pickles Museum poster. It's just above the u in Our. Cookie #98 is on top of the lock on the gate. Cookie #99 is in the tree, not far above the trunk.

Chapter 5

Use the screwdriver on the Please Take Off Your Shoes sign. Behind the sign is a hole where the gate key is sitting. Click on the key and Bjorn will automatically use it on the gate. Click on the gate to enter the Graveyard.


Cookie #100 is underneath the I Never Liked You Anyway sign on the grave at the right of the screen. Cookie #101 is directly left of the last one, stuck in the mud to the side of the grave. Cookie #102 is on the tailpiece of the cello, just left of RIP.

On the keyboard above the cello grave, there are nine keys. Numbering them from left to right as 1 to 9, you need to click on four of the keys in this order: 1, 9, 8, 3. Doing so will reward you with the triangular block.

Chapter 5

Click on the pinball tomb that is sat to the right of the candle on the cello tomb. This will trigger another mini-game. You launch the eyeball by pressing cn_S and move the left and right bone flippers by pressing cn_left and cn_right respectively. Hitting the skull awards 100 points and the bone bumpers award 50 points. You need to get 5,000 points to win a prize. You will lose the ball many, many times but you get an infinite number of balls without losing your score, so you can keep going until you hit 5,000 points and then lose the ball again. Doing so will open a slot at the bottom of the table in which Bjorn finds a manuscript.

Don't back out of pinball tomb just yet. Keep playing pinball until you reach a total of 10,000 points. Once you've reached this total, lose the ball once again. Doing this will earn the following trophy:

Back out of the close up and click on the mobile phone tomb that is next to the pinball tomb. You need to press the keys in the chronological order that the items were invented, starting with the oldest and ending with the newest. The keys must be pressed in this order: Flint, Wheel, Paper, Glasses, Toilet Roll, Light Bulb, Vacuum Cleaner, TV, Mobile Phone. Doing this will get the round block.

Chapter 5

Leave the graveyard to head back to the entrance.

Graveyard Entrance

According to the manuscript, your prize is hidden in the wall to the right of the gate, four blocks down and two blocks across. Click on that brick and you'll find the rectangular block in the alcove.

Chapter 5

Go back into the Graveyard.


Click on the heart to the right of the barred gate.

Chapter 5

Use the three blocks on the heart. Even though they're in the wrong position, Bjorn will get the gate to open. Enter the Tomb.


Use the flashlight anywhere on the screen. Your exploration of the tomb is going to be limited to that small circle.

Cookie #103 is near the bottom left corner of the screen, underneath a dead rat. Cookie #104 is directly to the right of the last one, below the cross that's on top of Victor Vitocks' grave. Cookie #105 is near the top right corner, underneath a pile of fossilized crap.

Chapter 5

Use the screwdriver on the two locks of the coffin that's directly below the third cookie on the far right of the screen. Click on the coffin to open it.

Chapter 5

Click on the lever that's on the left side of the toaster. Click on the "toast" that pops out. It's actually the snow tablet.

Chapter 5

Select "Yes" to leave Germany. Back at the hotel, Bjorn meets with Caroline and Sandra in Room 201. When all five tablets are reunited, a statue appears in the middle of the room. When all five tablets are added to the statue, it lays an egg, which Caroline promptly drops. Inside is a map to the temple. The trio decides to take a trip into the desert to discuss what to do next at the start of Chapter VI.

As the Chapter VI screen appears, for completing Chapter V you get this trophy:

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