4. Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure (EU) Story walkthrough - Chapter 2Update notes

Exit out of Bjorn's Apartment to the map. We have an appointment to attend at the Police Department. Talk to the police officer standing at reception to be shown into Inspector Cassé's office.

Inspector Cassé's Office

You'll automatically enter into a conversation with Inspector Cassé. It doesn't look like we're getting anywhere.

Cookie #34 is tucked under the pillow beneath the door. Cookie #35 is on the desk in between two pieces of paper. Cookie #36 is amongst the fries that are on the floor beneath the shelving unit.

Chapter 2

There's nothing more that can be done here so exit back to the map. Hector might be more helpful.

Outside Hector's House

Cookie #37 is tucked in the mailbox above the mail. Cookie #38 is in the bottom left corner of the air vent to the right of the door. Cookie #39 is in the plant pot that's sitting on the right of the middle step.

Chapter 2

Click on the earthworm that's wriggling along the beams to the right of the door. You'll need him later. Click on the eggs that are in the nest in the tree. While you can't pick these up now, you do need to know where these are for later too. For now, knock on the door and talk to Hector.

Click "Salesman". Get shot for impersonating a salesman (Game over #14). Click "Survey". Get shot for impersonating a student (Game over #15). Click "Journalist". You guessed it; Hector dislikes journalists too (Game over #16). Click "The Truth". Get shot after Hector panics and gets rid of the evidence (Game over #17).

Exit the conversation -- it's the only way to stay alive -- and exit back to the map as we're getting nowhere here. Click on Les Deux-îles.

Cliff Top

Cookie #40 is hidden in the vegetation of the lowest tree branch. Cookie #41 is stuck in the fork between the top two branches of the stick that's protruding out of the cliff. Cookie #42 is on the beach, just below the shoreline above the purple towel.

Chapter 2

There's nothing else to be done here now so click on Tom who is sitting with fishing rods at the water's edge.

Fishing Spot

Cookie #43 is crushed beneath Tom's back right pocket. Cookie #44 is in the tin of maggots that's sat by Tom's foot. Cookie #45 is stuck in the fork between the bottom two branches of the bush in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Talk to Tom. You'll tell him more about your case. Exit the conversation. At this point, Tom will come up with a far-fetched plan to fool Hector into confessing to the crime by disguising yourself as a policeman. A new special item will appear in the objective bar: Charge Hector. To complete the disguise you'll need to find five items that will be displayed there. You'll also need to gather three pieces of evidence.
Chapter 2

Click on the rum bottle that's tucked behind Tom's leg. If you want it, you'll need to catch a fish. Click on the fishing rod that Tom isn't using. Here you'll find a mini-game where you cast the line into the lake and attempt to hook a fish. However, there are also some interesting metallic items at the bottom of the lake that you'll want to recover too. In the top left corner of the screen is the power meter that automatically bounces back and forth between minimum and maximum power. Pressing cn_S will cast the hook at the power currently displayed by the meter. Once cast, the hook will automatically sink in a straight line downwards and will attach itself to any object that it passes. Holding cn_S will reel the line back in.

If you're having trouble casting the hook at the exact distance you need, throw it farther than your intended target. Tap cn_S to slowly reel the hook back towards you and align it with your desired object. If the hook is too close to the surface, let it sink again before continuing to reel it towards your target. You'll need to hook one fish (Tom will swap this for the rum bottle) and the computer mouse. I also recommend hooking all four of the fairground coins. You can see how I did this in the video below.

Return to the map and click on the Police Department. Go up the stairs to the office.

Inspector Cassé's Office

You'll automatically enter into a conversation with Inspector Cassé again, but the conversation is interrupted by a telephone call and the inspector leaves the room unattended.

Click on the fingerprint kit. When asked whether you want to take it, select "Yes". Exit the room. As he meets you at the doorway, the inspector will notice the large bulge under your jumper and will arrest you for stealing the kit (Game over #18).

Click on the jacket. When asked whether you want to take the badge, select "Yes". You'll get the police badge. The inspector will return and you'll continue your conversation.

Click on the fingerprint kit. The inspector won't let you borrow it. Click on it again. He refuses again. Click on it for a third time. This time the begging works and you get the fingerprint kit.
Chapter 2

Exit the Police Department and go back to Bjorn's Apartment.


Ring the doorbell. You'll meet Sandra's charming daughter Caroline before Sandra comes to the door. Select "Recorder". She has a recorder but doesn't know where it is for now -- she'll look for it. Exit the conversation. In return for the recorder, Sandra needs you to find some ingredients for her recipe. You'll get a new special item in the objective bar: Recipe. You'll need four ingredients for this, one of which we've already got with the rum.

Go back into Bjorn's apartment and head to Bjorn's Closet. Open the top drawer again. Take the pink handcuffs. Exit the closet and head back into Bjorn's Bedroom. Click on the statue. Use the fingerprint kit on the bird. You'll find a fingerprint.

Exit the apartment and head to the Funfair. We don't want to use the crane machines yet so head to the right. We'll also come back to the shooting galleries so head right again.

Funfair (Right)

Cookie #46 is in place of the horse's left eye (right as you look at it) in the poster. Cookie #47 is on top of the cart's tow hook. Cookie #48 is tucked under the flap that splits the Lollipops label on the box to the right of the carnie.

Chapter 2

Talk to the Race carnie. Select "Worm Race". Give your worm a name (you can call it anything) and then you'll start the race. This is the simplest of all of the mini-games -- just mash the cn_S button as quickly as you can so that your worm wins the race. You'll be awarded the Worm Race trophy and the following trophy:

Now select "Horse Race". This will cost you 5 coins but you should have just won 5 from the Worm Race (more if it took you several attempts) and you'll have 20 from the fishing pond. Give your horse a name and then you'll start the race. Mashing the cn_S button as quickly as possible makes your horse run faster but if you do this too much, the meter will turn red and the horse will collapse. Instead, you need to mash the cn_S button until the meter turns red. Here, pause for a fraction of a second until the meter drops back into the yellow before tapping the cn_S button twice to push the meter back into the red. Repeat that step as necessary to get your horse across the line in first place. Doing so will net you the Horse Race trophy and the following trophy:

If you're having trouble with the Horse Race, I recommend failing one race by pushing the horse too much. After this, all of your opponents seem to calm down and become slower, making second place or higher a guarantee. You can see the technique for both worm and horse races in the video below.

The Horse Race is the funfair game that awards the most coins. Keep playing the Horse Race until you have accumulated around 120-130 coins. You can see how many coins you have in the top left corner of any funfair screen. Collecting over 100 coins will also net you the below trophy. You don't need to be in possession of 100 coins to unlock the trophy as it includes the coins that you've spent on the funfair. It also includes the 20 coins that you can fish out of the pond. I unlocked the trophy when I possessed just 95 coins as it counted the 10 that had been deducted to take part in the Horse Race.

Once you've done this, head back to the left.

Funfair (Centre)

Cookie #49 is underneath the Random Wheel, next to the number 7. On the shelf of prizes are two bunnies. In the mouth of the right rabbit is Cookie #50. Cookie #51 is to the right of the stack of plates on top of the shelf of prizes.

Talk to the Wheel Carnie. Select "Spin the wheel". Spin it as many times as necessary until you land on the skull & crossbones. This means instant death (Game over #19).

Chapter 2

Completing the game over above will get you the following trophy:

While the wheel is free to spin, one of the prizes deducts a coin from your total. If you lost too many coins spinning the wheel until you died, go back and replay the Horse Race. Once you have at least 120 coins, talk to the Wheel Carnie. Select "Exchange coins". Exchange coins for the "Candy" (1 coin), "Postcard" (2 coins), "Police disguise" (10 coins) and "Secret" (100 coins). This means you now have the police disguise for charging Hector.

Talk to the Shoot carnie. Select "Plate Shoot". This mini-game may take a few attempts and if you haven't done so already, go into the game's options and increase the speed of the left cursor; the default setting is too slow for this game. Luckily the game is free so you can take as many attempts as you need without penalty. Targets will appear in the shooting gallery and you'll need to throw plates at them to knock them down. You throw plates using the cn_X button and there is an unlimited number of plates to throw, but if you mash the cn_X button and throw plates continuously, the game will deduct from your rating -- likewise if you hit too many targets after the timer has counted down. Try to concentrate on the back targets as they're smaller and worth more points, but try not to miss too many of the front targets. To win the trophy, you don't need a perfect performance but you do need to be accurate enough to get a Wow rating. You can see how the game is done in the video below.

Winning the 'Plate Shoot' trophy gets you the following trophy:

Talk to the Shoot carnie again. Select "Pet Shoot". This mini-game might also likely take a few attempts and each attempt costs 1 coin. Animals will cross the gallery from side to side and you need to poison them with your fart gun. Each animal is worth 1 point but they do move at different speeds. Luckily the game is easier than plate shoot because you can mash the cn_X button repeatedly over targets. Again, you don't need a perfect performance but you do need to get at least a Wow rating (accuracy of 88% or more). You can see how this is done in the video below.

Winning the 'Pet Shoot' trophy gets you the following trophy:

Check your coin total. If you have at least 20 coins, move back to the left and the last funfair area. If you need more coins, go to the right and keep playing the Horse Race until you have enough.

Funfair (Left)

Cookie #52 is trapped in the bottom right corner of the prize door of the middle crane machine. Cookie #53 is in the tree, just slightly up and left of the yellow balloon. Cookie #54 is in the grass to the right of the punchball machine.

Chapter 2

There is nothing in the left UFO catcher so click on the middle UFO catcher. There are four prizes to be caught here: big plush bunny, cat head, tail and heart plush. To have a go, you need to insert a coin into the coin slot. The right button becomes active first, so hold the right button down until the crane is directly above one of the prizes; don't let the button go until it's lined up with the prize as you can't press the button again to move further across the machine. Then hold the down button to pick up the prize. Like all crane machines, this one will drop items too, so you'll likely spend more than four coins here getting all of the prizes.

Now click on the right UFO catcher. There are four prizes in here too: the watch, the Pico WD memory card, the jumping bunny and the killer doll. The strategy is the same. Once you have all of the prizes from this machine too, so eight prizes in total, you'll get the following trophy:

We've done everything that we need to do at the fair and your Funfair special item should be full. You can see the technique for the grabbing machines as well as the full card in the video below.

Exit to the map. Doing so will unlock the below trophy. Even though the requirements for this one were met at the Funfair, it won't unlock until you leave the area.

Click on Thonen Antique.

Outside Thonen Antique

Caroline is now sat outside Thonen Antique. Talk to her. Ask her about "Herself". It turns out that she saw Hector breaking into your apartment and took a photo of him on her phone. She's willing to give it to you, but you need to get her a stuffed animal gift first. Select "Photo". She'll tell you about the memory card she'll also need to transfer the photo. Select "Stuffed animal". After Caroline taunts Bjorn, select "Give stuffed animal". You need to pick the cat head that's first left on the middle row of the Won category.

Chapter 2

She'll show you the picture and it's pretty good. Select "Pico-WD card". You'll finally receive the picture that's needed to charge Hector. Talk to Caroline again. Select "Eggs". She'll fetch them for you but you need another bribe, a tennis ball this time. Exit the conversation.

Head left to the Ice Cream Man. Click on the tennis ball that's on his tow hook. You can't take it while he's standing there so you need a distraction. Go back to Outside Thonen Antique. Talk to Caroline again. She'll create a diversion for you. The Ice Cream Man disappears. Take the tennis ball. The cart rolls off but never mind.

Chapter 2

When you return to the front of the shop, you'll automatically speak to Caroline again, who will reluctantly fetch you the eggs. Now it's time to go inside the shop.

Thonen Antique Ground Floor

You'll automatically enter into a conversation with a Dealer who's been waiting for you. He wants to sell you a gun. Select "0.25 €". While he won't take such a small amount for the gun, he'll swap it for an antique that's upstairs. Click to go upstairs and the Dealer will help you to move the piano from the stairs too. Click to go upstairs again.

Thonen Antique First Floor

Cookie #55 is in between the second left and middle dunes in the aquarium on top of the shelving unit. Cookie #56 is on top of the plug that powers the lamp. Cookie #57 is attached to the earring on the bottom left corner of the jewellery board.

At this point you should have collected half of the game's cookies and will get the following trophy:

Click on the broomstick. Bjorn will separate the handle and the broom to get a wig to help with charging Hector. Click on the jar that's on the floor to the left of the table. Bjorn will empty it out and the empty jar will be added to your inventory.

Click on the valuable statue that is on the bottom shelf behind the cat. Open your inventory and combine the computer mouse and the string to get the cat toy. Use the cat toy on the cat and it will move out of the way. You can now grab the valuable statue.

Chapter 2

Go back downstairs. You'll automatically enter into a conversation with the Dealer again. He'll swap the statue for a gun. Once he disappears, you'll discover that not all is as it seems, but the gun still makes a convincing addition to your costume. Return to the map and go back to Les Deux-îles.

Cliff Top

Pick the mushrooms that have now magically appeared underneath the tree.

Chapter 2

Continue on towards Tom again.

Fishing Spot

Use the empty jar with the bee hive. Bjorn will be stung to death by the bees (Game over #20).

Use the lighter on the reed to the left of the net. Tom will get angry that you're setting things on fire, but it creates enough smoke to drive the bees away from the hive. Now use the empty jar with the bee hive. You'll get a jar of honey.

Chapter 2

Return to the map and head towards Bjorn's Apartment.


Ring the doorbell. Select "Recipe". Sandra will give you the tape recorder in return. Exit the conversation and head back to the map. Bjorn will summarise his disguise and evidence. Now that we have everything, it's time to head back to Outside Hector's House. You'll automatically suit up and knock on Hector's door again. After a confrontation, Hector is captured and left on the doorstep for the police to find. Meanwhile, Bjorn decides to have a look around inside.

Hector's House

Cookie #58 is in the puddle in front of the washing machine. Cookie #59 is caught behind the barrel of the gun that's on the wall. Cookie #60 is on the shelf on the left side of the screen, to the left of the gadget.

On the bottom shelf of the bookcase is a pile of bottles. Click on them and select "Yes" to drink a beer. Click on the bottles again and drink a second, then drink a third bottle of what now turns out to be absinthe and you'll pass out. You'll then be arrested for kidnapping and breaking & entering (Game over #21).

Click on the pack of yogurt on the floor underneath the television. You'll get a magnet free gift from inside. Use the magnet on the mouse hole underneath the heater. You'll retrieve a small key. On the heater, at the bottom right corner, is a series of numbers. You'll need those in a second.

Behind the washing machine are four stones that are highlighted with a ? when you hover the cursor over them. Use the ID card on them to reveal a hidden safe. Use the small key on the safe. Click on the safe and then click on the numbers 1-4-6-3 (the numbers written on the heater). The safe will open. Take the airline tickets, money and tablet. You'll then ring Tom to brag about the situation.

Chapter 2

In the following cutscene, Bjorn attends dinner with Sandra and gets food poisoning. Meanwhile, Hector is assassinated in prison and the police won't be investigating. Bjorn returns to the flat to recover, only to receive another phone call. Bjorn and the tablet are still in danger and he needs to fly out to a small unknown country called Nogo to continue his investigation.

A new day marks the start of Chapter III and during that opening screen, you'll get the following trophy:

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