Deep Ones (EU)

PlayStation 4

Deep Ones (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Rolling in the Deep
Rolling in the Deep15TrophyTypeThe diver falls to the bottom
Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones40TrophyTypeSurvive after the rolling stone
Seahorse, run!
Seahorse, run!20TrophyTypeEscape from the shark
You fight like a cow!
You fight like a cow!40TrophyTypeTake the ship aboard

Least Earned

You shall not pass
You shall not pass135TrophyTypeYou need to kill 9 fugu fish
We have fins for lunch
We have fins for lunch135TrophyTypeYou need to kill a 20 sharks
Tortoise soup
Tortoise soup135TrophyTypeYou need to kill 30 turtles
To Infinity and Beyond!
To Infinity and Beyond!135TrophyTypeGet out of the nest
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