Deep Ones

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Deep Ones Trophies

Most Earned

Alone I Break
Alone I Break30TrophyTypeGo ashore
Cthulhu Rise
Cthulhu Rise30TrophyTypeSee the lair of the monster
Deep Ones Platinum
Deep Ones Platinum180TrophyTypeGood job! Completed all tasks!
Don't touch me now
Don't touch me now30TrophyTypeDo not get damage from Stonefish

Least Earned

You shall not pass
You shall not pass90TrophyTypeYou need to kill 9 fugu fish
You like a Rick Grimes
You like a Rick Grimes90TrophyTypeYou need to kill a 100 pirates
You fight like a cow!
You fight like a cow!30TrophyTypeTake the ship aboard
We have fins for lunch
We have fins for lunch90TrophyTypeYou need to kill a 20 sharks
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