Deadstorm Pirates

PlayStation 3

Deadstorm Pirates Trophies

Most Earned

Cleared Stormy Sea
Cleared Stormy Sea16TrophyTypeClear the Stormy Sea in Arcade.
Cleared Cave
Cleared Cave19TrophyTypeClear the Cave in Arcade.
Cleared Great Whirlpool
Cleared Great Whirlpool20TrophyTypeClear the Great Whirlpool in Arcade.
Cleared Mountain Stream
Cleared Mountain Stream20TrophyTypeClear the Mountain Stream.

Least Earned

Navigator of the High Seas
Navigator of the High Seas225TrophyTypeObtain an S Rank in all stages.
Ruler of the Seven Seas
Ruler of the Seven Seas653TrophyTypeClear all stages in Arcade Mode from Stormy Sea onward without continues.
Captain of the Sea
Captain of the Sea180TrophyTypeClear all stages in Ranking Mode from Stormy Sea onward.
Davy Jones' Locker
Davy Jones' Locker65TrophyTypeReach a total of 10000 kills.
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