Dead or Alive 5

PlayStation 3

Dead or Alive 5 Trophies

Most Earned

Fighting Entertainment
Fighting Entertainment15TrophyTypeHave your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes.
The Curtain Rises
The Curtain Rises17TrophyTypeClear the Prologue in Story mode.
First Tag Team
First Tag Team18TrophyTypePlay Tag Battle.
Akira Yuki
Akira Yuki19TrophyTypeUnlock Akira.

Least Earned

DOA5 Master
DOA5 Master1492TrophyTypeUnlock all trophies.
Survival Master
Survival Master234TrophyTypeClear all courses in Survival mode.
Fighting in Style
Fighting in Style535TrophyTypeUnlock all costumes.
Exercise Newbie
Exercise Newbie79TrophyTypePerform all moves for all characters in Command Training.
All Dead or Alive 5 Trophies

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