Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed154,723
    16 Sep 2019
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    The point 'n' click genre (as I've mentioned in other reviews), is becoming a celebrated gamestyle. The stories are normally fully engaging and memorable. Dead Syncroncity isn't entirely memorable unfortunately, but the dystopian future is shadowed with beautiful artwork that brings life to a disolving society.

    Some characters are in a complex side story and some (particularly Rose) are wasted on an generic storyline. Rose's is a sad story, forced to work for a couple of thugs, she has a mental handicap but is probably the most self-aware character in the game. Which is a shame, as she is underutilised.

    Unlike some of the competitors, however, there are no errors in gameplay (such as an object glitching and not being able to be used) and no clipping errors. This keeps us from losing the immersion of the rather basic storyline.

    Although everything about it is basic, it is still very ebjoyable and you can comfortably stroll through it in an evening without realising the time. A note on trophies; they are very easy. You can do them in one sitting if you're willing to experiment with the map and fully explore the scenes in the game. Some do require a lot of back and forth action, but it is very easy to discover the interactions.

    A very good point and click, that could do so much within a deserved sequel. It lacks ib parts of the story, but artwork and trophy wise is very worth the play.