Dead Star

Dead Star


Dead Star Trophies

Full list of all 48 Dead Star trophies - 36 bronze, 8 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Lord of the Wastes

    Earn all available trophies for Dead Star. "Look upon my works and weep."

  • Fresh Meat

    Complete the Loadout, Piloting, and Conquest tutorials. "Welcome to The Wastes."

  • Killer

    Kill an enemy player. "The first of many."

  • Reaper

    Kill 100 enemy players. "And you shall know me by the trail of dead."

  • Blood God

    Kill 500 enemy players. "I am death incarnate."

  • En Fuego

    Get a Kill Streak of 5. "I figure I could keep doing this all day."

  • Untouchable

    Get a Kill Streak of 10. "I reckon if you want to keep dying, I'll oblige."

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  • Accomplice

    Assist in 100 enemy kills. "A good friend will help you move. A great friend will help you move a body."

  • Trigger Jockey

    Reach Ship Level 10 in a match. "Now I know what all these buttons do."

  • Inmate

    Reach Pilot Level 10. "Pretty soon, I’ll run this whole joint."

  • Lifer

    Reach Pilot Level 50. "Ain't nobody tougher than me."

  • Quick Shot McGee

    Earn the first kill in a match. "Y'all too slow. Also yer dead."

  • Dominator

    Earn the Domination Tactical Action. "No mercy for the weak."

  • Grave Digger

    Earn the Payback Tactical Action. "If I die, I'm sure as hell taking you with me."

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  • Commander

    Earn Assault, Defense, Shutdown, and Conquest Tactical Actions in a single match. "You see all this? This is MINE."

  • Big Fish

    Finish a match on the winning team. "Guess there's a new sheriff in town. A sheriff of killin' idiots like you."

  • Biggest Fish

    Finish a match on the winning team 50 times. "There ain't another in the 'verse as good as me."

  • Skull Crusher

    Earn a Decisive Victory. "We don't just win, we crush skulls."

  • Soul Eater

    Earn 10 Decisive Victories. "We don't just win, we eat souls."

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  • Claim Jumper

    Upgrade Outposts with 10000 Ore. "So where do you want me to put all this stuff?"

  • New Homeowner

    Capture an Outpost. "Them last folks ain't getting their security deposit back."

  • Control Freak

    Capture 50 Outposts. "I am the master of all I survey."

  • Ender of Things

    Destroy a home base in Conquest mode. "The last thing they'll see is my smiling face."

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  • Red Leader

    Earn 2000 Kill / Assists points in a single match. "I don't plan on leaving a single one'a them still breathin'."

  • Tactician

    Earn 2000 Tactical Action points in a single match. "Everyone has a plan until they get a rocket in the face."

  • Handyman

    Earn 2000 Outpost Upgrades points in a single match. "You get all the glory, but I make this heap WORK."

  • Junkyard Dog

    Earn 2000 Guardian Scrap points in a single match. "That's one more for the scrap heap."

  • Team Player

    Earn 2000 Match Bonus points in a single match. "It was a team effort. Mostly."

  • Ace

    Earn every Ace Pilot Reward. "I am the pilot king, I can do anything."

  • Big Game Hunter

    Destroy a Capital Ship Structure. "Harvest the best, scrap the rest."

  • Giant Killer

    Destroy a Capital Ship. "The bigger they are the harder they fall."

  • Contract Runner

    Successfully complete a Capital Ship Escape Run as the Contract Owner. "Best in the 'verse, guaranteed."

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  • Dead Eye

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Marksman. "No need to rush, I brought enough missiles for everyone."

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  • Alpha Dog

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Bulldog. "I can kill you up close or a mile away. Your choice."

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  • Annihilator

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Vindicator. "I love to watch them burn."

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  • Close Shave

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Razor. "Anyone else want a slice? I'm buying."

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  • Sneaky McSneakerson

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Stalker. "They never see it coming."

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  • Kill Shot

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Leviathan. "One shot, one kill."

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  • Bug Zapper

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Herald. "I am shocked. Shocked that they lived that long."

  • Overseer

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Warden. "Look at me, all up in yer business."

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  • Hanging Judge

    Kill 100 enemy players with the Justicar. "Judge. Jury. And my favorite...Executioner."

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  • Certified Pilot

    Fly any ship for 10 hours. "Fly all night, don't stop 'til your eyes bleed."

  • Constructor

    Craft a component in the Recycler. "What does this button do?"

  • Shapeshifter

    Finish a match with a non-default pilot portrait. "Smile for the camera."

  • Modder

    Augment a ship. "What the hell's a samoflange?"

  • Gear Head

    Fully Augment a ship system. "Now we're cooking with gas. Space gas."

  • Chrome King

    Reach Augment Level 25 on a single ship. "She's shiny and fast and runs like hellfire."

  • Fresh Coat

    Finish a match with a non-default paint style. "I may not know much about art, but I know what I like!"