Dead Space: Ignition

PlayStation 3

Dead Space: Ignition Trophies

Most Earned

Trace Element
Trace Element15TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete a Trace Route hack in any single player mode.
Stormed the Core!
Stormed the Core!15TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete a System Override hack in any single player mode.
Laser Burn
Laser Burn15TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete a Hardware Crack in any single player mode.
Dirty Work
Dirty Work19TrophyTypeUnlock the level 4 engineering RIG.

Least Earned

Ain't got time to bleed!
Ain't got time to bleed!23TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete Ignition mode within 25 minutes by any route (excluding movies).
Infectious22TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete all System Override hacks in any single player mode.
Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer135TrophyTypeComplete all hacks in any single player mode.
All your Trace are belong to us
All your Trace are belong to us22TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete all Trace Route hacks in any single player mode.
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