Dark Souls

PlayStation 3

Dark Souls Trophies

Most Earned

Enkindle15TrophyTypeLight bonfire flame.
Estus Flask
Estus Flask15TrophyTypeAcquire Estus Flask.
Reach Lordran
Reach Lordran16TrophyTypeArrive in Lordran.
Covenant: Way of White
Covenant: Way of White17TrophyTypeDiscover Way of White covenant.

Least Earned

The Dark Soul
The Dark Soul352TrophyTypeAll trophies obtained. Congratulations!
Knight's Honor
Knight's Honor58TrophyTypeAcquire all rare weapons.
Prayer of a Maiden
Prayer of a Maiden58TrophyTypeAcquire all miracles.
Bond of a Pyromancer
Bond of a Pyromancer55TrophyTypeAcquire all pyromancies.
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Bandai Namco has confirmed this morning that Dark Souls will be coming to this generation of consoles. All we know is that it will be coming in high-definition this May.

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How Hard is Hard?

Plenty of gamers aren't in pursuit of a challenge when it comes to their gaming, but for those who are, where do they find that challenge? Is there a universal understanding of difficulty that spans across all games?

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EU Playstation Store Discounts: July 8th, 2015

Week Two of Four has started on the Summer of Digital savings, with more discounts to be had on digital only titles. Joining it this week is a sale on DLC packs; it was not stated which systems the D

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