Dangun Feveron

Dangun Feveron

PlayStation 4

Dangun Feveron Trophies

Most Earned

DANCING BOMBER15TrophyTypeBeat Stage 1.
Noooooooooooooo!!15TrophyTypeMissed a Cyborg.
Arcade On Stage
Arcade On Stage15TrophyTypeStarted a game in Arcade Mode.
Watch Out!!
Watch Out!!16TrophyTypeGot hit when a Boss's gauge was low.

Least Earned

Dance Master
Dance Master315TrophyTypeAll Trophies completed! You are a true dance master!
Super Easy Graduate
Super Easy Graduate51TrophyTypePlayer 1 beat Super Easy Mode without getting hit.
Cyborg Fever 7
Cyborg Fever 725TrophyTypeSaved exactly 777 Cyborgs when beating a Stage.
Use the Restart Feature Too!
Use the Restart Feature Too!24TrophyTypeInputted the forced Game Over code in Time Attack Mode.
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Dangun Feveron Coming West on PlayStation 4

Cave is well known for a genre known as ‘bullet hell shoot em ups’ or just plain ‘shoot em ups.’ This new shmup is known as Dangun Feveron.

Posted 9 months ago by Dave Bricker, 2 comments

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