Dance on Broadway

PlayStation 3

Dance on Broadway Trophies

Most Earned

On Your Way!
On Your Way!15TrophyTypeComplete a song in any mode.
Set for Success
Set for Success19TrophyTypeComplete the Tutorial.
Duet21TrophyTypePlay any song to completion in multiplayer mode.
Breakout Talent
Breakout Talent45TrophyTypeComplete the Tier One Critic's Challenge in Casual or Pro Difficulty.

Least Earned

Star Spangled
Star Spangled99TrophyTypeCollect 120 stars in Become a Star mode.
Broadway Phenomenon
Broadway Phenomenon282TrophyTypeComplete the Tier Five Critic's Challenge in Pro Difficulty.
Marvel of the Stage
Marvel of the Stage66TrophyTypeComplete the Tier Five Critic's Challenge in Casual Difficulty.
It’s Party Time!
It’s Party Time!65TrophyTypeComplete 20 songs in Party Play mode.
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