Dance Magic

PlayStation 3

Dance Magic Trophies

Most Earned

Free Dancer
Free Dancer16TrophyTypePass any track for the first time on any difficulty.
Battle Dancer
Battle Dancer17TrophyTypeWin for the first time in Dance battle.
Complete Dancer
Complete Dancer22TrophyTypeComplete one Tournament.
Critical Dancer
Critical Dancer25TrophyTypeFill your Combo to level 10 and deal damage using Rage.

Least Earned

Non-missable Dancer
Non-missable Dancer35TrophyTypeCollect all arrows on Hard difficulty using ingame songs.
Millionaire Dancer
Millionaire Dancer35TrophyTypeGain 999 999 money.
Hard Dancer
Hard Dancer70TrophyTypeEarn rating S or higher at 20 music tracks on Hard difficulty in Freestyle.
Sharp-sighted dancer
Sharp-sighted dancer63TrophyTypeCollect 300 secret notes.
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