Dance! It's your stage.

PlayStation 3

Dance! It's your stage. Trophies

Most Earned

I Like You
I Like You16TrophyTypePlayed a co-op match
Dance Machine
Dance Machine18TrophyTypeMade a super combo of moves in a row
I'll Show You!
I'll Show You!18TrophyTypePlayed a face off match
Perfectionist18TrophyTypeFinished any song without mistakes

Least Earned

The new Star!
The new Star!164TrophyTypeGot a gold medal for every song in Career Mode
The Coach's Darling!
The Coach's Darling!55TrophyTypeFinished Career Mode
Professional Dancer
Professional Dancer27TrophyTypeFinished the second season successfully
Hard Student
Hard Student27TrophyTypeTrained each song at least once
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