PlayStation 4

DWVR Trophies

Most Earned

Argendnor Gold: Easy
Argendnor Gold: Easy30TrophyTypeAchieved Gold on the Argendnor Survival: Easy mission
Air Kill
Air Kill16TrophyTypeKilled an enemy while the enemy is on the air
Anorhem Gold: Easy
Anorhem Gold: Easy38TrophyTypeAchieved Gold on the Anorhem Survival: Easy mission
Sanctum Gold: Easy
Sanctum Gold: Easy42TrophyTypeAchieved Gold on the Sanctum Survival: Easy mission

Least Earned

Sanctum Gold: Medium
Sanctum Gold: Medium180TrophyTypeAchieved Gold on the Sanctum Survival: Medium mission
Sanctum Gold: EXTREME
Sanctum Gold: EXTREME180TrophyTypeAchieved Gold on the Sanctum Survival: Extreme mission
Gallery Gold
Gallery Gold60TrophyTypeAchieved Gold on the shooting gallery mission
DWVR Platinum
DWVR Platinum360TrophyTypeCongratulations for earning all of the trophies.
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