DJ Hero 2

PlayStation 3

DJ Hero 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Opening Act
Opening Act16TrophyTypePlay your opening night in Empire mode.
Thirty Three Without The Third
Thirty Three Without The Third16TrophyTypeEarn 33 stars (in Quickplay, Empire or Star Battle).
Freestyle Superstar
Freestyle Superstar17TrophyTypeGet an A for Freestyling in any mix (in any mode except Party Play).
Rise To The Challenge
Rise To The Challenge17TrophyTypeIn Empire mode complete 3 Setlist Challenges.

Least Earned

Platinum DJ Hero
Platinum DJ Hero1419TrophyTypeCollect all other Trophies.
Super Streak
Super Streak193TrophyTypeGet a 400 streak in I Will Be Here / Speed Rail on Expert (in any mode except Party Play).
You're The Best!
You're The Best!93TrophyTypeEarn 5 stars for every mix at Expert difficulty (in Quickplay, Empire or Star Battle).
Upgraded533TrophyTypeReach online grade 50.
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