PlayStation 3

DARE TO FLY! Trophies

Most Earned

Dauntless Devil
Dauntless Devil15TrophyTypeComplete your First Flight successfully.
Stamina Saver
Stamina Saver21TrophyTypeEnd any level with 50% stamina intact 5 times.
Le Savior
Le Savior43TrophyTypeRescue 100 baby birds.
Shark's Dinner
Shark's Dinner22TrophyTypeGet yourself killed by a Shark.

Least Earned

Time Warped
Time Warped24TrophyTypeAccrue 1 hour time bonus in Quick Flap's Virtual Gates mode.
Fishing Spree
Fishing Spree24TrophyTypeCollect 1000 Fish.
Bustin Billboards
Bustin Billboards24TrophyTypeTear through 500 billboards.
Barrel Roller
Barrel Roller24TrophyTypeFly through 500 Rings in Campaign mode.
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