Cyberbike 2

PlayStation 3

Cyberbike 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Fashion victim
Fashion victim16TrophyTypeChange your avatar's skin
Warm-up19TrophyTypeFinish the first race
Freewheel20TrophyTypeCover 0.15 miles without pedalling
Amateur collector
Amateur collector20TrophyTypeExceed level 3 during a race

Least Earned

Tuning addict
Tuning addict149TrophyTypeUnlock all the vehicles’ accessories
King of the track
King of the track298TrophyTypeAll trophies have been unlocked
Super copter
Super copter24TrophyTypeFinish a race in less than 120 seconds with the CycloCopter
Star on ice
Star on ice48TrophyTypeExceed 35 000 points at the end of a race with the CycloGlider
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