Cubixx HD

PlayStation 3

Cubixx HD Trophies

Most Earned

n00B SAuCe
n00B SAuCe15TrophyTypeComplete your first level in Arcade mode.
Mosaic47TrophyTypeComplete a level by cutting away 250 lines or more.
Super Combo
Super Combo54TrophyTypeAchieve a combo over 6.
Betrayal!68TrophyTypeKill 2 or more friends in Co-Op.

Least Earned

Mad Skillz
Mad Skillz258TrophyTypeComplete Arcade mode in a single run.
G.O.A.T258TrophyTypeComplete all Challenge levels to Platinum standard.
Ascended Unity
Ascended Unity129TrophyTypeComplete Co-Op Arcade mode.
Fully Bronzed
Fully Bronzed121TrophyTypeComplete all Challenge levels to at least Bronze standard.
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