Crystal Defenders

PlayStation 3

Crystal Defenders Trophies

Most Earned

Novice Defender
Novice Defender15TrophyTypeClear wave 10 on any single map.
Seasoned Defender
Seasoned Defender16TrophyTypeClear wave 20 on any single map.
Expert Defender
Expert Defender17TrophyTypeClear all the waves on any single map.
Crystal Hoarder
Crystal Hoarder19TrophyTypeClear a single map without losing any crystals.

Least Earned

Champion Defender
Champion Defender25TrophyTypeClear all 12 maps.
W3 Defender
W3 Defender25TrophyTypeClear all the maps in W3.
Four-Star Strategist
Four-Star Strategist49TrophyTypeAccumulate a total score of 100,000 points.
W2 Defender
W2 Defender24TrophyTypeClear all the maps in W2.
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