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Cryptark Trophies

Most Earned

Cybernetic Prosthetic
Cybernetic Prosthetic18TrophyTypeAppears in any ship class. Keep Nuclear Defense system.
Processed Ore
Processed Ore18TrophyTypeAppears in +4 level ships. Keep Repair system.
Outsider Remains
Outsider Remains38TrophyTypeAppears in Rogue level 1
Exploratory Probe
Exploratory Probe20TrophyTypeAppears in any ship class. Keep Jammer system.

Least Earned

Live Alien Specimen
Live Alien Specimen244TrophyTypeThe final artifact. Found in Cryptark Excavation.
Cryptark Corsair
Cryptark Corsair487TrophyTypeCollect all Artifacts. Through shady contracts and freebooting piracy, you and your crew have uncovered the hidden secrets of the derelict fleet!
Cortex Wave Scan
Cortex Wave Scan244TrophyTypeAppears in Rogue level 5. Requires Core Cerebral Tissue.
Teleportation Array
Teleportation Array226TrophyTypeAppears in Rogue level 5
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