PlayStation 3

Create Trophies

Most Earned

That Looks Lovely
That Looks Lovely15TrophyTypeEarn your first Spark
A Monster Start
A Monster Start15TrophyTypeSolve your first Challenge
Welcome to Theme Park
Welcome to Theme Park15TrophyTypeUnlock Theme Park
Welcome to Transportopia
Welcome to Transportopia19TrophyTypeUnlock Transportopia

Least Earned

On Safari
On Safari41TrophyTypePlace all types of animals throughout the game
Bright Spark
Bright Spark247TrophyTypeCollect all 610 Sparks
Blast-off Bedlam
Blast-off Bedlam41TrophyTypeUse every type of rocket within Challenges (not player generated Challenges)
Only 109 to Go!
Only 109 to Go!81TrophyTypeCollect 501 Sparks
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