5. Crazy Taxi Crazy Box

Crazy Box is a type of mission mode for the game. A few of them will be a bit tedious, but they shouldn't be too hard to overcome. There are a total of 16 missions; to get to the special ones, you'll need to finish some of the original nine first. You can use any driver you feel like; I used Gena for every mission but the last, since she's more of a beginner's character compared to the others, so you might want to try her out. Below is a link that'll take you to all 16 missions as individual videos, if watching what to do is more your thing.

Crazy Taxi | Crazy Box Missions

1-1 Crazy Jump

For this challenge, you need to drive your taxi off a ramp for at least 150 meters. To do this, use a move called the Crazy Dash. You can perform a Crazy Dash by letting go of cn_R2, then quickly pressing cn_O before holding down cn_R2 again. It should be a very fast three-step process that takes less than a second to perform. You should have enough room to do about three of these on the provided ramp, but you only really should do two; do one right away, and then do one at the very end of the ramp to get the distance you need. There's another boosting move called the Limiter Cut, but you won't have to use that til the very end of the Crazy Box.

1-2 Crazy Flag

This second challenge is incredibly simple. You just need to drive to a flag on the other end of the beach, but you're supposed to drift by quickly pressing cn_X and cn_O once. But, since you have 20 seconds, you can get to the flag without having to do that at all and just making a slow, sharp turn.

1-3 Crazy Balloons

Now you'll have to run into 20 large circular balloons on a grassy field. You only have 45 seconds to hit all of them, but now that you know how to do a Crazy Dash and Crazy Drift, you'll definitely be able to hit all of them in time. Heck, you'll even have enough time without doing any Crazy Drifts.

1-S Crazy Bowling

This is one of the worst levels ever. You have to knock down all 70 pins in this level using Crazy Drifts (and a few Crazy Dashes), and you've only got 30 seconds to do so. Immediately do a Crazy Dash when the level starts and aim your taxi towards the center pins. But, instead of hitting them straight-on, do a Crazy Drift so you can sideswipe them all and hopefully get a strike. Try not to let go of cn_O until you've made your turn properly towards the next set of pins. If you miss even a single pin in a set behind you, you may as well restart, because you're never going to have enough time to go back and get it.

To get to the last ten pins, do a few Crazy Dashes and pray that you can sideswipe them all. If you don't, hopefully you have enough time to turn around and hit the last of them; if not, you're going to have to restart from the beginning. It took me about an hour of failed attempts before I finally got this thing right. If you're better at Crazy Taxi than the average person due to having owned it on the Dreamcast, maybe you'll have better luck with it.

Skillful driver

Clear 1-1 through 1-S of Crazy Box.

Skillful driver
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

2-1 Crazy Drift

The first mission in the second set is really easy. If you're doing these in order, you should be well experienced with making Crazy Drifts. This circular arena is perfect for doing some more of them; all you have to do is drift, but hold down cn_O as long as you can to get some combos in. You should only have to do about three drifts before your combo hits 15 and you surpass the target amount.

2-2 Crazy Turn

For Crazy Turn, you just need to get a customer to her destination on the beach within 35 seconds. You need to have a good understanding of drifting if you want to have a shot at this, so it's best that you finish 1-S first. Remember, to drop a customer off successful, you need to make a full stop in the location's border, so slow down as you approach to save as much time as possible.

2-3 Crazy Bound

The customer for this challenge needs to get across several big platforms above the ocean, and you aren't allowed to fall in. You're supposed to dash across every ramp towards the next platform, but to make things a bit easier, dash at an angle so you don't have to recover with as wide a turn as you normally would. This too will probably take a few tries to get right. Just like in 2-2, you need to come to a full stop before the customer is satisfied and hops out, so start slowing down when you get close to the goal zone.

2-S Crazy ZigZag

This level is similar to 2-3; you'll be driving above the ocean and you can't fall in. The challenge with this one is that you need to drift at each corner, then dash on the starightaways. When you get closer to the destination, dashes are going to be a bit riskier, so perform them at your discretion. Make sure not to dash towards the goal, either; there's nothing stopping you from going right over it into the water, so slow down when you get to it. This shouldn't take nearly as many attempts as 1-S did, but it'll still take a lot more than usual.

Superb Driver

Clear 2-1 through 2-S of Crazy Box.

Superb Driver
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

3-1 Crazy Rush

This challenge is pretty difficult, but it's nothing a bit of practice can't overcome. There are five customers in the middle of a five-path area, and each one needs to get to the end of his path. Instead of thinking of the customers as a circle, think of them as a star; go for the one at the top first, then when you come back to the center, go for another that you'll more easily be able to deliver. As you approach each customer and destination, press cn_X to start going in reverse and hold cn_L2 to really put yourself to a halt. That way the customers will get in and out of your taxi faster than usual. Another strategy to use is drifting. Every time you send someone to their destination, do about three or so Drifts towards the center so you can align yourself to dash towards the next customer to save time.

3-2 Crazy Jam

This is another delivery mission, but there are only three customers and you'll be driving through heavy traffic, hence the title of the challenge. This isn't actually all that bad if you're constantly dashing through the cars. The only part that should give you trouble is at the end, where vehicles are going crazy fast perpendicular to where you need to go. But even then, getting hit once might not drain you of all your time.

3-3 Crazy Pole

Time for a short breather. For this challenge, you'll be driving eight customers around, but you have way more time than you need. The lesson that this challenge is teaching you is that you can make an immediate stop by crashing into a pole while using the cn_L2 brakes. After hitting a pole, you'll get your next customer; as they swap positions, put your taxi in reverse so you can back out from the pole. Then just dash towards the next pole, and so on, until you finish the challenge.

3-S Crazy ZigZag 2

The last challenge in the third column is, as the name implies, really similar to 2-S. As you spawn in, seven identical old ladies will hop in your vehicle. All of them want to be dropped off in really small zones right on the edge, which is what makes this so hard. Instead of doing anything fancy, just hit your brakes cn_L2 when you get to the white crosswalks in the road, and start turning towards the end of the zone so you can more quickly move to the next one. You should be dashing just once between each zone to save time, too. 3-S is most certainly not as annoying as 1-S.

Amazing Driver

Clear 3-1 through 3-S of Crazy Box.

Amazing Driver
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

S-1 Crazy Through

All you have to do here is drive through traffic and get a bunch of near misses, at least 30 to be exact, to finish the challenge. This should be super easy to do, so consider it a freebie towards the last trophy.

S-2 Crazy Parking

There's only one customer for this challenge, and he just needs to get to the top of a parking garage. This should be a really straight-forward challenge for you, since by now you must be familiar with dashing and drifting. This certainly won't take you more than five tries.

S-3 Crazy Party

This challenge is going to be a bit harder than the previous two. There are seven baseball fans spread out around this large open area, and thanks to the Dreamcast's original limitations, you won't be able to see them until you get close. The destination won't pop up until you have all seven guys, either, and there won't be an arrow pointing you in the right direction. As you approach each customer, slow down so they don't freak out and run out of the way.

Start by driving up the slope to the left to get to the guy up there, then dash off to the north to find another customer in a phone booth. Then drive east to get to another guy whose position mirrors that of the second. Next, you're going to want to drive up the big, winding slope to the top of a large building nearby, where the fourth of seven guys are. Dash off to the south and you'll find another hidden in some parked cars. The last two customers are up towards the exit, so use a few dashes from here to successfully use the large ramp and look to the southern corners of this new platform to find them. Once you have all seven, book it to the north along a winding grassy path towards the destination. It's going to be a close call, but if you don't get it your first time, don't worry about it. Knowing the customers' positions is a big help in itself, so keep practicing until you get it right.

S-S Crazy Attack

It's time to put everything you've learned from the Crazy Box to the test, and this is the best opportunity to learn the fabled Limiter Cut move. You'll want to try this out in some other mode first. First, start off with a standard Crazy Dash, but then press cn_X and do another Crazy Dash right afterwards. The cn_O press from the second dash will ensure that you continue to move forward. By hitting reverse at top speed (which is what the first dash was for) before doing another dash, you'll have performed the Limiter Cut, which exceeds your normal top speed. It's a good idea to get a good feel for this move, because you'll essentially be performing it all throughout this final challenge.

As opposed to the other levels, you're going to want to specifically use Gus for Crazy Attack. His car is a lot beefier than the other drivers', it handles better on grass, and it's faster than most. By using Limiter Cuts all throughout this stage, you'll blaze through traffic all around the city. As for the path of where to go, it's pretty specific and difficult to put into words, so you're best seeing where to go in the video above. You'll also get to see the potential of the Limiter Cut by watching this run; you can use the speed provided in the video to compare whether or not you're actually performing the move.

Mastering the Limiter Cut is really what makes or breaks this mission for you. Once you have it down and know the path, you'll be able to smash this last challenge down and earn the toughest trophy of all 12.

Crazy Driver

Clear Special 1 through Special Stage of Crazy Box.

Crazy Driver
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

For completing all of the missions, you'll also earn a bike to use in any mode if you so wish, but you'll already have done everything, so it's up to you if you want to test it out before deleting the game from your console or letting it sit for a while before coming back to it.

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