PlayStation 4

Crawl Trophies

Most Earned

A Taste For Revenge
A Taste For Revenge16TrophyTypeRegain your humanity 10 times
The Novice Scholar
The Novice Scholar18TrophyTypeDiscover 25% of entries in the vault
The Lonely Miser
The Lonely Miser18TrophyTypeSpend a total of 1000 gold
The Gamekeeper
The Gamekeeper20TrophyTypePass a vault challenge

Least Earned

Unstoppable Force
Unstoppable Force147TrophyTypeGet a kill streak of 12 against 3 hard bots
The Renowned Antiquarian
The Renowned Antiquarian441TrophyTypeDiscover all entries in the vault
The Demontamer
The Demontamer147TrophyTypePass all the vault challenges
S'hrim Denied
S'hrim Denied73TrophyTypeTaunt S'hrim and win against 3 hard bots
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We have just picked up the trophy list for Crawl. There are 46 trophies, none of which are secret

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