Crash Time 5: Undercover

PlayStation 3

Crash Time 5: Undercover Trophies

Most Earned

Clean Lap
Clean Lap16TrophyTypeDrove a lap without causing any damage.
Car-Scrap Bonus
Car-Scrap Bonus16TrophyTypeTotaled your car.
First Online Victory
First Online Victory33TrophyTypeWon an online event in any mode.
Godmode33TrophyTypeWon a deathmatch without dying.

Least Earned

Track Tester
Track Tester114TrophyTypeDriven a race on every track in the game.
100% Clear
100% Clear228TrophyTypeThis trophy will unlock once you have earned all other trophies.
Test Driver
Test Driver113TrophyTypeDriven every car in the game at least once.
Riot19TrophyTypeMade 100 vehicles explode.
All Crash Time 5: Undercover Trophies