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    05 Aug 2016 06 Aug 2016
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    To be honest this game does not have a lot of features for console but it is a good game anyways. But to start it off this is a fps (first person shooter) it has 4 different game modes. (Arms Race) (Demolition) (Classic Causal) (Classic Competitive) And there all good game modes and most of you are probably wondering is this game worth my money well. This game is not for everyone but it is for the fans of Team Fortress 2 and the fans of Left 4 Dead. Because there all the same in one way. And before anybody gets mad and writes a hate comment. I'm not trying to say there all the exact same game i'm just saying there all fun in the same kinda way. But there all different in there own way. But now to answer your question in my opinion this game is worth your money. Because it is really enjoyable you can probably play this game for years and never get bored of it because its that fun. And most of the people on pc are gonna say this game sucks on console but i disagree with them. Ya this game on console doesn't have that many features. But its still a really enjoyable game so you ya you who's reading this i highly suggest you buy this game on ps3 and then try it on pc and you can see all the differences between the console version and the pc version. And you will realize there both very fun to play. So thanks for reading my review sorry if this was kinda a rant. But anyways i rate this game a 5 out of 5 just my opinion btw you can disagree with me in the comments lol. Well have a great day. smile

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    Paully005Better than your battlefield 3 review.
    Posted by Paully005 On 07 Aug 16 at 15:50
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