PlayStation 4

CoolpaintrVR Trophies

Most Earned

¡100% RGB!
¡100% RGB!30TrophyTypeUse the dropper until the Louvre gets dry.
4 times Pi!
4 times Pi!15TrophyTypeCreate as many spheres as bubbles in the ocean.
Artistic Ocean
Artistic Ocean15TrophyTypeTo become a Van Gogh-level artist, you have to use the liquid brush extensively.
Bee an Artist, my friend
Bee an Artist, my friend15TrophyTypeAre you capable of using as many hexagonal tubes as the bees in their honeycombs?

Least Earned

You shine with your own light
You shine with your own light15TrophyTypeMore neons than "Las Vegas"
Vitruvio Artist
Vitruvio Artist30TrophyTypeSymmetry is perfection. Use it without hesitation.
Traditional Style
Traditional Style90TrophyTypeComplete all brush related trophies.
Sometimes I like to strike some strokes...
Sometimes I like to strike some strokes...15TrophyTypeUse the flat brush until your hand hurts!
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