Contrast (EU)

Contrast (EU)

PlayStation 4

Contrast (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

A New Dimension
A New Dimension15TrophyTypeUnlocked when the player shifts for the first time.
Illuminated16TrophyTypeUnlocked after the player gets their second luminary.
Room 529
Room 52916TrophyTypeUnlocked when the player leaves the Cabaret.
My God, It's Full Of Stars!
My God, It's Full Of Stars!17TrophyTypeUnlocked when the player falls into the void on the way to the Cinema.

Least Earned

GroundsKeeper25TrophyTypeUnlocked when the player discovers all collectibles in Act II.
No Backpack Bird Needed
No Backpack Bird Needed24TrophyTypeUnlocked when the player jumps into the treasure chest in the Pirate Ride.
Not That Kind Of Game!
Not That Kind Of Game!24TrophyTypeUnlocked when the player tries to enter the “XXX” door.
BookKeeper23TrophyTypeUnlocked when the player discovers all collectables in Act III.
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