Constant C

PlayStation 3

Constant C Trophies

Most Earned

Catlike Reflexes
Catlike Reflexes17TrophyTypeWhile free-falling at a high speed, change the direction of gravity and apply brakes.
Fall Down 150 Times, Get Up 151
Fall Down 150 Times, Get Up 15135TrophyTypeExceed 150 deaths.
Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can42TrophyTypeChase Ellie 2.0 through all the levels where she appears.
Archivist49TrophyTypeGather all the storage devices.

Least Earned

You Only Live Once
You Only Live Once49TrophyTypeReach the storage device location in D3-3 and complete the level without dying.
Well-Balanced Individual
Well-Balanced Individual24TrophyTypeComplete D1-5 without falling off the ball unnecessarily.
Time's A-Wasting
Time's A-Wasting24TrophyTypeComplete C3-3 in 5 seconds.
The 34th Airborne
The 34th Airborne24TrophyTypeComplete C3-4 in 7 seconds.
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