2. Concept Destruction (EU) (PS4) General Hints & TipsUpdate notes

Before we begin, let's mess with the options. You want to edit these so you can make your completion even easier, so edit yours to what I've written below:


Consumption: x1

Consumption when boosting: x1


Player: x10

Rivals: x1 (It will change to x10 when doing survivals, and can't be changed)


Number of rivals: x10 (or above - the more there are, the more points you'd likely gain)

Event duration: 30 seconds

Idle disqualify: 5 minutes

No hit disqualify: 5 minutes

Now a few tips:

If you can destroy your rivals, try to. This will lessen the grind later for obtaining 5 batteries. You will not collect one if your battery is full though, so boost when ramming.

If you feel that destroying an enemy in the Competition is hard, then just ram everything and just gain points. You can get kills later in the Touring Mode.

When going for the Competition, try getting the misc trophies done at the same time.

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