3. Comix Zone Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Remember to save often, especially before you get to the end level. The energy drinks are limited, so be careful how you use them. There is no specific order to unlock the trophies. Here's how I did it:

After a short introductory film you will begin your game. At the beginning of the game, you will notice the dynamite and the energy drink. Pick them up and continue your adventure - the first opponent who comes near, toss dynamite by pressing cn_L1.

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You took the drink early in the game along with the dynamite? Well, use it when you have little energy or when you get hit. We will find others during the game, and the little mouse will find some more for you too.

This can be unlocked at any time. If you hold the cn_S button, Sketch will rip a piece out of the comic and create a paper airplane. Be careful! This weapon will destroy almost anything, but takes a bit of your life bar with it.

This trophy can be missed! It's time to go get the little rat! Once you get the dynamite, knife, and the energy drink, go right until you see the barrels blazing and defeat the enemy that is behind them. Now go down and you will see a cage with the little rat - destroy it, pull the lever and take the little rat.

  • Rats!

    Rescue and pick up Roadkill.

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These trophies can be missed.

The little rat will be of great help (even if this game is not particularly difficult) and will, in fact, find many resources that you cannot see because they are hidden behind the pages of the comic, so always remember to send him out on every page. You will arrive at several junctions on your route; choose what you want until you get to the end of the first level and its boss.

Boss 1st level:

You must avoid the fireballs that he tosses at you and try to hit him. The fastest method however, is to try to pass him, rolling under the boss, and move the barrel beneath him. The barrel will catch fire with the same fireball that he throws at you, causing the barrel to explode and kill him.

Now you have defeated the first boss, go onto the second level. Here you will notice new enemies, and this time there will be traps. Be careful because these will drive down health. Remember to always use the little rat to find energy drinks. Continue until you reach the end of the second level and its boss.

Boss 2nd level:

Try to avoid his shots. You cannot hit him when he is facing towards the screen. Try to avoid the shots that end up stuck in the wood, try to hit and slam the boss against its own shots. Once again it is not a difficult boss and certainly after a few attempts you defeat him.

Once you defeat the second boss, as always go through the various junctions, traps, numerous enemies and more annoying obstacles until you get to the end of the level. You will have to break down a door with the handle to get to the final battle with Mortus (I SUGGEST TO SAVE). Well, well.. you've defeated the two bosses and now you're going for the completion of your comic with two different endings. But first things first, you must now defeat Mortus.

Boss 3rd level:

The last boss is very simple, drop down to the lowest level and press the lever that is located on the right. Repeat this for some time until he dies. In order to save Alissa you will need to defeat Mortus quickly and then use the lever by Alissa in the middle of the stage.

This trophy can be missed, save your game now! You choose the order of the two types of objectives, save Alissa or let her die. "If you defeat Mortus quickly, well, you can let a few seconds pass and you will see to it that the beautiful Alissa dies because you have not saved her. This will give you the requisite bad ending."

This trophy can be missed, make sure you reload your previous save in order to get this! You saved before the battle with the final boss? Well, reload and kill him again with the same strategy as before. This time you will save Alissa, pull the lever and.. the end.

These three trophies are listed last because you unlock them during the normal continuation of the game. Points are given based on combos, strokes and time - but do not worry too much because you will make them without any problems. For this is opportunity save often, because if you get killed you can reload and continue with the same score. Congratulations, you've just finished a fun game!

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