Comet Crash

PlayStation 3

Comet Crash Trophies

Most Earned

Complete Training
Complete Training15TrophyTypeComplete the Training mode.
Kreios Area 7
Kreios Area 749TrophyTypeComplete Comet Kreios Area 7 at Normal difficulty.
Kreios Shortcut
Kreios Shortcut27TrophyTypeKreios Area 5, Normal difficulty: replace a key enemy structure to create an optimal path to the enemy Base.
Hathor Area 14
Hathor Area 1462TrophyTypeComplete Comet Hathor Area 14 at Normal difficulty.

Least Earned

Kronos Resurgence
Kronos Resurgence105TrophyTypeComplete Kronos Resurgence on Normal difficulty.
Big Dragon
Big Dragon51TrophyTypeArea 33, Normal difficulty: In 2 or 3 player mode, attack with more than 1000 Tanks in Dragon formation.
Big Snake
Big Snake49TrophyTypeArea 31, Normal difficulty: In 2 or 3 player mode, attack with more than 1000 Scouts in Snake formation.
Kamikaze Pro
Kamikaze Pro48TrophyTypeArea 38, Normal difficulty: Get a perfect score without building any Turrets, Lasers, Bombers or Pulsars.
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