Collar X Malice (Vita)

Collar X Malice (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Collar X Malice (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

The First Night
The First Night15TrophyTypeYou cleared the prologue.
Mistakes Were Made...
Mistakes Were Made...16TrophyTypeYou reached your first bad ending.
Information Gathering
Information Gathering16TrophyTypeYou obtained information at Shinjuku police station.
Partners16TrophyTypeYou entered a character specific route.

Least Earned

Collar×Malice216TrophyTypeYou earned all trophies.
All Possibilities Observed
All Possibilities Observed107TrophyTypeYou viewed all endings in the game, including the bad ones.
Vivid Ideals
Vivid Ideals106TrophyTypeYou unlocked everything in the gallery.
Eat Your Dessert
Eat Your Dessert106TrophyTypeYou got all of the Bonus Tracks.
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