Code 51 Mecha Arena

PlayStation 4

Code 51 Mecha Arena Trophies

Most Earned

A Bright Future
A Bright Future15TrophyTypeComplete the tutorial level.
Accurate Plan
Accurate Plan15TrophyTypeWhen using Ninja in a multiplayer game, destroy 2 enemies with your EMP Blast.
Ace Training Partner
Ace Training Partner90TrophyTypeTake 3,000,000 damage points in multiplayer games.
Aftermath30TrophyTypeSurvive a multiplayer game.

Least Earned

Warm Embrace
Warm Embrace15TrophyTypeLose 10 multiplayer games in a row.
Victory Spree
Victory Spree30TrophyTypeWin 6 multiplayer games in a row.
Veteran30TrophyTypeReach level 25.
The Starting Line
The Starting Line15TrophyTypeStart a match.
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