Clouds & Sheep 2

PlayStation 4

Clouds & Sheep 2 Trophies

Most Earned

I Love Ewe!
I Love Ewe!15TrophyTypeMatch a loving couple!
Sheep Happens!
Sheep Happens!17TrophyTypeA sheep died and became a cloud!
Sky Scraper
Sky Scraper20TrophyTypeTouch 100 clouds!
God Of Thunder
God Of Thunder23TrophyTypeLet your sheep get struck by lightning 25 times!

Least Earned

Iron Sheep
Iron Sheep71TrophyTypeLet a single sheep win gold medals in three disciplines!
Billy The Sheep
Billy The Sheep35TrophyTypeEquip a male white sheep with a cowboy hat in the Prairie!
Adventurer213TrophyTypeFind the Fountain of Youth!
Wooly Looping
Wooly Looping32TrophyTypeLet a sheep do a full swing!
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