Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

PlayStation 4

Clicker Heroes Trophies

Most Earned

The adventure begins!
The adventure begins!15TrophyTypeReach level 10
Legion Killer
Legion Killer16TrophyTypeKill 10.000 monsters
Coaching Hero
Coaching Hero16TrophyTypeGet 50 Hero upgrades
World traveler
World traveler18TrophyTypeAscend for the first time

Least Earned

Zone Conqueror
Zone Conqueror285TrophyTypeReach level 3600
The Boss
The Boss86TrophyTypeHire all heroes
Goldfinger75TrophyTypeOpen 10.000 treasure chests
Epic hero
Epic hero67TrophyTypeDefeat all Centennial Bosses
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Clicker Heroes 2 Developer Abandons Free to Play Model Over Ethical Concerns

Despite the fact Playsaurus made a lot of money, including from whales who would spend thousands, they have dropped the free-to-play model for Clicker Heroes 2, instead opting to sell it as a US$30 game.

Posted 1 year ago by Kelly Packard, 1 comment

TGN First Impression: Clicker Heroes

The concept behind Click Heroes is simple enough. You just mash a button as fast as possible until the enemy dies. It's that easy, yet it keeps you coming back for more and more. Renn shares his thoughts in our First Impression.

Posted 1 year ago by Kevin Tavore, 1 comment

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