Clash of the Titans

PlayStation 3

Clash of the Titans Trophies

Most Earned

Bull's-eye15TrophyTypeSuccessfully perform a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize.
Offer Gifts
Offer Gifts17TrophyTypeReinforce one Sub Weapon.
Survivor19TrophyTypeChapter 1: Clear "On the Home Front".
The Blacksmith
The Blacksmith43TrophyTypeCompletely reinforce one Sub Weapon.

Least Earned

The Weapons of Hecatoncheir
The Weapons of Hecatoncheir92TrophyTypeCollect all Sub Weapons.
The Era of Man
The Era of Man549TrophyTypeYou have unlocked all available trophies.
Surpass Hephaestus
Surpass Hephaestus275TrophyTypeCompletely reinforce all Sub Weapons.
Height of Olympus
Height of Olympus275TrophyTypeObtain S Rank in all Main Quest and Challenge Quests.
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