Clan of Champions

PlayStation 3

Clan of Champions Trophies

Most Earned

Passively Passive
Passively Passive15TrophyTypeAcquire 1 passive skill.
Sword-Shield Level 3
Sword-Shield Level 317TrophyTypeReach level 3 in the Sword-Shield style.
Dual Wield Level 3
Dual Wield Level 319TrophyTypeReach level 3 in the Dual Wield style.
Wizard Newbie
Wizard Newbie19TrophyTypeAcquire 2 magic skills.

Least Earned

Well-Rounded Warrior
Well-Rounded Warrior120TrophyTypeReach the maximum level in all fighting styles.
Veteran60TrophyTypeComplete all missions at the Veteran difficulty level.
The Millionaire
The Millionaire60TrophyTypeOwn 1,000,000G or more.
Super Warrior
Super Warrior120TrophyTypeComplete all missions with an S grade or better.
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