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Playstation Experience Roundup: Part 1 - Updates and Surprise Releases

There was so much news at PSX that we bring it to you in roundup form. Part 1 begins with a brief overview of what you can expect, followed by the surprise updates and new titles that were released over the last few days.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

More Chasm Screens Released

Posted 2 years ago by David Johnston, 2 comments

Chasm Screenshots Investigate Karthas

Procedurally-generated RPG platformer Chasm sees players assume the part of Daltyn, a soldier who has been sent to a remote mountain town, Karthas, to locate a missing mining crew. Things aren't as s

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

Platformer/RPG Chasm coming to PS4

A new Platformer/RPG has been announced for the PlayStation 4 called Chasm, which sees players investigating some unusual events in the mining town of Karthas. While the titular chasm is procedurally

Posted 4 years ago by Brandon Fusco, 5 comments

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