Chaos on Deponia

PlayStation 4

Chaos on Deponia Trophies

Most Earned

Huzzah – once more from the top
Huzzah – once more from the top15TrophyTypeI didn't do anything?!
Huzzah with booze and so forth
Huzzah with booze and so forth15TrophyTypeRube Goldberg can pack up and go home
All mine!
All mine!15TrophyTypeOmnomnom! Nomnomnomnomnomnom!
Bloody nose
Bloody nose31TrophyTypeRake up another achievement!

Least Earned

Platinum Chalice
Platinum Chalice192TrophyTypeYou unlocked all other trophies.
Pin-up Goal
Pin-up Goal96TrophyTypeI only read it for the articles
Woooghieee31TrophyTypeDid you see that?
What women want
What women want31TrophyTypeSurvive the interview
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